Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hi !
UP Lifters ,
Meet Mr.Sateesh Chandra Pandey,Basti H.Q., The Man Of The Match for May-09 with highest Score of 420 Runs, Mr.Sateesh Chandra Pandey is really a Hard Hitter & Surprised all players with his ability to Hit Boundaries in Slog overs, Mr. Sateesh , has promised better scoring in June-09 too, We all wish him all the best.
Also Meet...
Mr.Pankaj from Hardoi H.Q.
Mr.Pankaj has been awarded with Fastest Centurian of the Month as he has provided momentum to UP Lifters in early overs & though he could not become Man Of The Match & stood after Mr.Sateesh with a Score of 332 Runs but he is dertermined to become Man Of The Match in June-2009,
We wish him all the Best.

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