Wednesday, July 1, 2009

LCZ , Do We Have Love , Care & Zeal

I am really disappointed to see the decline in Sales of LCZ-Tab. It is really hard to believe that how you can allow others to take share of yours sales.

How you can forget?

> We had overcome all the hurdles to establish the name of LCZ.
> We won the war against the competitors
> We established the name of LCZ in Market.
> We have ensured excellent availability at Chemist level.

Now what happened ?

You need to ask yourself

> Are you checking the stocks with your stockist?
> Are you checking the stocks with your Chemist?
> Do you have the list of Doctors who are prescribing more than 2 Box of LCZ?
> Do you know the chemist who sales of more than 2 Box of LCZ?
> Did you enquired with your stockist about the lost chemist (Who were purchasing earlier but not now)
> Do you book orders of LCZ from Chemist?
> Most importantly , Are you willing to sale LCZ?

And in my opinion the person who are willing to sale LCZ must be doing all the things mentioned earlier & people who Don,t need not to be with us.
As We can not tolerate any decline in our LCZ Sales,

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