Sunday, August 2, 2009

सौ टके का एक सवाल कि कैसे बने मालामाल
Most of the people in this world dream day & night to become richer. But most of them don't.
And few of course become rich & successful. I know every body is interested to know how to become the rich.

You must have heard
कर्मण्येः वाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचनः
Means It is your job to fulfill your duties without thinking that what will be the results & In contrast people who only dream about Results & Fruits only most often do not get any thing.

Hence dear friend remember work is worship & only way to become successful hence utilize most of your available time in working because it is the only way to achieve your goal.


You know only 2 To 4 Products can produce 1 Lac. Let us see how it happens
Step-1 : Assume you want Rs.100000/- sales. Now divide Rs.100000 from 4 Products. i.e.

100000/4 = 25000

Step-2: Now you know that Rs.25000/- is required to achieve from 4 Products.

Step-3: Select 4 Products as per the potential of Territory & Doctors Prescribing Habit. ( Through Survey we have come to Know that NSAIDS are most prescribed molecule in world followed by Acid Suppressant, Anti-Biotic, Multi-Vitamins, Anti-Allergic & so on) form the survey you can know that you have drug class to meet the the best 4-5 requirement of Doctors. In my case I would have selected the same products means 1.NSAID (Topcam-P), 2. Acid Suppressant (Raptac-DSR), 3.Multi Vitamin (LYCOGREEN), 4.Anti-Allergic (LCZ)

Step-4: Now I have to calculate how many boxes I need to complete Rs.25000/- from each products, So I will do following exercise

Rs.250000 / Stockist Price of Product = Number of Boxes to be sold, Simultaneously I will also Calculate Number of Prescription Required, Hence

(A) For Topcam-P
Rs.25000/ Rs.481.85 = 51.88 Boxes = Approx. 321 Rx of 14 Tab (Means 13 Rx/Day)
(B) For Raptac-DSR
Rs.25000/Rs.201.46=124.09 Boxes = Approx. 134 Rx of 15 Tab (Means 5 Rx/day)
(C) For Lycogreen
Rs.25000/Rs.612.69=40.80 Boxes = Approx 136 Rx of 30 Cap. (Means 5.5 Rx/Day)
(D) For LCZ
Rs.25000/Rs.152.31=164.12 Boxes = 328 Rx of 10 Tab. (Means 13 Rx/Day)

Step 5: Now I have to find out Just 10 Best Prescribers of Territory for each product for extensive visit plans.

Step 6: I will ask prescription from my selected Doctors.
For Example:
I need 321 Prescription for TOPCAM-P to sale 51.88 Boxes means 321 Rx of 15 Tab Each.
So I will divide like this

321 Rx/ 10 Drs = 32 Rx/ Dr means 32 Rx/25 working Day = 1.3 Rx/Day/Dr. & I will plan 6 Calls in Month to each Doctors & I will ensure to get at least 5 Rx in the same visit & will not leave any thing to chance & I am sure that I will achieve my Goal for Topcam-P
And like wise I will calculate & ensure Prescriptions for every product & no body can stop me to reach Rs.100000/- .

Friends above was just an exercise & you can choose any product as per your territory's potential, But one thing will remain same & that is Right Selection of Products & Finally rigorous working & passion to achieve goal.

I am sure you will also do such type of exercise & will come with fruitful plan in forthcoming meeting or ours.

At last but not the least

खुदी को कर बुलंद इतना, कि हर तकदीर से पहले खुदा बंदे से खुद पूछे बता तेरी रजा क्या है..

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